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Re: [LUG] NHS - MS Licensing costs spiral ...


On Thu, 15 Jul 2010, Rob Beard wrote:

On 15/07/10 12:11, Gordon Henderson wrote:


So they've come to the end of their 9-year special deal which helped
earn Billy Goats a knighthood...

Now they may have to pay the full whack or do some serious
re-negotiating it seems, as by now they're too deeply in the depths of
Microsoft to make a change... Or are they? Who knows, but if only they'd
stuck to their guns 9 years ago. Corwards.

One intersting quote:

"Our source said the only alternative - a move to open source software -
was unlikely to overcome reluctance from staff to move to less familiar

I'm sure a good team of programmers could make something look familiar
if they really needed to...

And anyway, what's wrong with change?


I was just thinking the same, if they'd made the switch instead of going for the Microsoft option then everyone would be over the fear of switching to a new system. Maybe it's about time that the government said enough is enough and switch to FLOSS, sure there will be a cost to implement it but I bet in the long term it'll be a whole lot cheaper than paying up to £205 million on licensing costs which it looks like they might well have to find if they stick with the Microsoft option. Heck even if they couldn't replace everything with FLOSS, it would certainly save them a huge amount in the long run.

What I think I'd like to see is a breakdown of costs - how much is given to MS and how much is given to the companies that write their bespoke software and companies that run their networking...

I have an appointment for a scan next week, and in the letter they sent me, they said that the data would be stored locally and also in a secure storage faciltiy in Kent ... High speed networking, servers, etc. I'm sure it's not all MS... So even if we could get rid of the MS part of it all, I bet the big outsourcers will still charge their small fortunes just to implment their systems again...

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