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Sinux was Re: [LUG] NTP (not on linux, so a bit OT)

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Kai Hendry wrote:
> Sync it with a 'decent' Debian linux box. :)
> I remember having similar problems with some old Siemen's SINUX boxes,
> and thats how we solved it.

Sinux? Or Sinix. I think you mean Sinix, but both are OSes, and I
wondered if there was some geographical name changes?

 Simon, who just realised that giving Sinix courses to Siemens engineers
isn't on my CV, Sinix was just SVR4 with a basic but effective disk
management scheme from what little I remember. The engineers taught me a
lot about serial comms most of which I've since forgotten, a new kind of
train the trainer, but I expect they have forgotten most of what I
taught them about Sinix.
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