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RE: [LUG] Redhat merchandise

On 23-Mar-00 at 21:07:43 Alex Charrett wrote:
> Remeber sometime ago John was after a redhat mug?  Weill on behalf of the
> LUG, i sent redhat uk a mail asking about merchandise and I got a reply
> today:
> ---
> Dear Alex
> You can buy some Red Hat merchandise from the redhat.com website.
> Hopefully we will soon have a 'shop' in Europe.  Keep checking
> www.europe.redhat.com
> Thank you for your interest and support
> ---
Thanks for the effort. I did see the rh 'mug' on their site - can't quite
remember what it looked like but do remember it was (to me) hideous! In the
end I got another suse linux mug (from the linuxemporium), but am still
interested in a rh mug (the china sort; I think theirs was plastic?)


John Horne, University of Plymouth, UK             Tel: +44 (0)1752 233914
E-mail: jhorne at plymouth.ac.uk
Finger for PGP key: john at jhorne.csd.plymouth.ac.uk
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