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[LUG] x problems - loads then crashes.

As I mentioned in my previous posting, I now have a 486sx33 with 8mb of =
ram and a 3.6 gb hardisk running Red Hat 6.  I have managed to get X =
installed ok but it seems to crash on loading kfm using the kde window =
manager and x or something.  I have has other problems but =
managed to fix them i have included details to either help others or to =
get advice on how I should have fixed them as the methods I used are not =
exactlly by the book.

Anyway I think there is a way to direct output from start x to an log =
file for troubleshooting etc, does anyone know what this is

something like

startx >log  however there is slightly more to it.

My video card is a cirrus logic 5428,

Yep it's old hardware,

If you can help with this then I can send you the output file. =20

My original problem was it crashed earlier saying it could not find the =
./root/Desktop and /Desktop/Template  directory so I copied them from

./home/paul and this fixed it,=20

I think I may be pushing my luck and hardware by running kde.

At present I have created a user called paul with no password but just =
can't login

I have used linuxconf, useradd and adduser, I have had this problem =
before under x but managed to create a user under console mode as root,=20

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I generally create a user with no =
password then add one using the passwd command as this seems more =
reliable, but I should not have to do this, (however I will try as =
writing this has just reminded me of this)=20

Thanks for any help.

One last note, I should be getting the Red Hat Linux unleashed book =
shortly so I will have a useful  reference for both my self and if any =
other member of the group wants help, I can look stuff up for people.


Paul  psutton24 at hotmail.com

Lynx friendly