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Re: [LUG] [lugmaster] unix & nt news

On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Alex Charrett wrote:
> i had a call from a chap called "jamie", representing "unix & nt news"
> on thursday, something about wanting to do an article on linux and
> lug's in the aforementioned magazine. i've tentitivley agreed to
> represent the uk lug's though would welcome hearing from anyone who (a)
> would like to be interviewed with me and (b) someone who may like to be
> interviewd on linux as an os.

if nobody who knows more about linux than me (ie a couple of years) will,
I'll do either - by email or phone tho' as I am in Cornwall (D&C LUG).
> secondly, other than reading their "unix & nt news" site (as a hyperlink
> from www.ibcbuspub.co.uk) , i've never heard of the magazine. has
> anyone else? indeed, is it worth following up on the interviews?

sounds familiar - don't know where from tho'


We need to respond to David Grays letter to computing with decent urls
proving him wrong. The guy is totally clueless and begging to be beaten
with a large cluestick with knobs on.

points worth mentioning are - No apps with win2000 certified enterprise
certificate available. (in response to the microsoft focussed crap). All
of the software he mentions is available to the same or higher standard
than windows.

Aaron Trevena - D&C LUG.

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