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Build a robot take 2

Exeter Library are holding another Build a robot workshop over 1/2 term.

Build A Robot Project

This half term: Build a robot in a team of 4 to win a prize!
Ages 8+ / 20 places available
£40 for 4 sessions including light refreshments

The sessions are 10 am-1pm:
Mon 26th Oct
Tues 27th Oct
Wed 28th Oct
Thurs 29th Oct
all sessions must be attended for you to win
Tickets available from Exeter library or by phoning 01392 384223
More details on the
Exeter Raspberry Jam blog

Exeter Raspberry Pi jam – 1/11/2014

Today was another excellent pi jam up in Exeter,  and well attended,  the word is getting out there.


Tom Brough demonstrated the parity bit trick and also had some coloured cones to demonstrate how a bubble sort works,  you can try this take about 8 cones of different sizes and put them randomly in a line now sort them one by one so the line goes from biggest to smallest.

I spent some time, with some help working on getting scratch to talk to the pi liter,  once done (not too difficult) we spent some time then creating a program that is the same as the chaser type program written in python.  This works really well,  further enhancements allows the user to interact, chance speed as well as stop / start the routine.

I also had a chat with another user who showed me his chromebook running lubuntu.  This was also connected to the Pi with vnc,  the performance was excellent.

Ivan was also showing various projects and we had minecraft running on another pi.  In the fab lab was the usual beginner work shop where you can learn to light up leds on a bread (project) board using the raspberry Pi GPIO

So in all excellent,   Looking forward to next week as it is the Torbay Pi jam from 1 – 3 at Paignton Library,   good news is that the 3 sd cards (well micro + adapters) arrived to day so these are all ready for next week,    I may look at preparing at least one with Noobs,  as this may save time next week.

Thank you to Simon and Exeter library for hosting another pi jam and everyone who attended.

Exeter Raspberry Pi Jam 06/09/2014

Saturday 6th September 2014 saw another Raspberry Pi Jam in Exeter take place and what a great turnout there was!

At today’s Jam, there was lots of teaching going on with the introduction to Raspberry Pi course going on in the Fab Lab and there was even more teaching going on in the Meeting Room where the rest of the Jam took place. Continue reading

Fab Lab Taster Courses


** An Introduction to 3D Printing
Saturday 16^th Aug - 11am , 1pm, 3pm.

An Introduction to Laser Engraving
Saturday 23^rd Aug - 11am , 1pm, 3pm.

Printing Customised Cases and Covers
Saturday 30^th Aug - 11am , 1pm, 3pm.

An Introduction to CNC Routing
Saturday 6^th September - 11am , 1pm, 3pm.

An Introduction to Computerised Embroidery
Saturday13^th September - 11am , 1pm, 3pm.

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