About the DCGLUG

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The aims of the Devon and Cornwall GNU / Linux user group are :

  • To help users of all ages / backgrounds find other users of GNU / Linux and Free software
  • To provide a friendly support network where questions of any level can be asked
  • To provide informal support, promotion and advocacy  to local people / business and industry with regard to the implementation and use of GNU / Linux and Free software OR to provide a links to people who can support this on a more formal level.
  • To provide support,  including promotion where possible to events or other activities in the region.
  • To provide access to support materials,  documentation and educational opportunities which help people use and learn about GNU / Linux & Free software.
  • Hopefully demonstrate there is a active and vibrant community and IT industry in the South West of the UK.

We run an active e-mail discussion list.  Please visit our join page for more details and a link to the mailmail sign up form.

We have an mailing list archive which can be viewed here.

We also run a IRC channel on freenode

server irc.freenode.net – Port 6667 channel #dcglug

Please see tutorials menu for help with setting up IRC.


3 thoughts on “About the DCGLUG

  1. john marshall

    Could not find a way to leave a message on the mailing list even though I am a registered member.
    I need some help
    I run Ubuntu 15:4 on a laptop with a Cannon MG5250 printer and Libre Office Writer.
    This set up has worked perfectly well for the past several months.
    A few days ago the printer refused to print.
    I plugged the printer into my Windows computer and using Libre Office Writer it worked perfectly. This to me proves the printer and connecting USB cable at working correctly.
    I found that attempting to print from Libre Office Writer on my Ubuntu laptop the “Print” screen option of “MG52series” had disappeared and been replaced by “Generic” as the only option.
    “Settings/printer/local host showed “Printer not connected” clicking on “Connect” had no effect, “add a printer” was greyed out.
    The printer produces an Ubuntu test sheet with no problems and using “Simply Scan” allows scanning but not printing.
    I am not aware of having made any changes to my computer or printer that may have caused this problem.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions as to the cause of the problem and hopefully offer a solution please.

    1. Paul Sutton Post author

      Hi, I am not sure what is going on here, seems to be an update has perhaps done something to your configuration , I will try and pass your message to the mailing list to see if anyone can help. I do share your frustration my HP keeps refusing to print, if I wipe the connections where the printer cartridges are it works for a while then stops. very frustrating.



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